Hi! My name is Brianna and I’ll be celebrating my 16th birthday rive days from now. So excited because I have a secret party with my closest friends and it will be here in our house!
It’s a secret because my parents wouldn’t want me to host a party that includes liquors or whatever. Good thing they‘ll be flying abroad day after my birthday.
I need to go down now to take my lunch. My parents are already having their lunch with…who is this?
I seated beside my mom. I glance to the unknown guy in front of me. He’s in early 30s, I guess.
“Bry,” Dad speaks. “Since your mom and I will be leaving after your birthday, we called your Uncle Marcus to take care of you.
“What?! No way!” So he’s Uncle Marcus. Mom’s youngest brother. I didn’t see him before, well because he is adopted and hates to socialize with the family.
“Dad, I’m a grown up now! I don’t need someone to baby sits me anymore!” I complaint.
“It’s better to have your Uncle Marcus here. And that’s final!”
My plans got ruined! I hate it!
That afternoon, I approach Uncle Marcus. “Don’t you have anything to do day after my birthday?”
He raised his brow. “Is that your way to
say, ‘Hi Uncle Marcus! It‘s my first time seeing you.” So rude!
“Of course, this is my first time to meet you. So answer my question now.”
He just examined my face. “Why? You want me to go out for a while? So you could invite your friends here?”
What?! He’s getting into my nerves!
I cleared my throat. “Please grant me my birthday wish. Go out that day, come back probably late at night.”
He shrugged. “OK.”
On my birthday, I celebrated it with my family, classmates and relatives. It was fun. But, I’m looking forward to my secret party.
The next morning, my parents left. Marcus and I had our lunch before he left the house too.
I texted my friends. Come over now! My friends are only Stacy, George, Mike and Lindon. They brought beers and I ordered food for us.
“Hey,” Stacy my best friends whispered on me. “Mike and George will make out with you later. The thrill would be, you’ll be blindfolded so you won’t know who’s who.”
“Stacy?!” OMG. I’m not prepared.
“You should experience it now! You’re already 16! So guy one first, then guy two next.” i nod. I’ll be devirginized.
We are now at my room, naked. Stacy already blindfolded me and tied my hands on the comers of my bed. “Ready, Bry?” I swallowed hard before I nod.
“Sweet 16, Bry!” She said before leaving me alone in my room.
I heard my door opens and closes. I flick when I feel a hand touches my pussy. I bit my lower lip. I now feel someone’s breath. I swallowed when I feel his tongue lick my line.
“Fudge…” I didn’t moan. It’s just that, I feel awkward. I don’t know if this is George or Mike.
One finger is trying to get inside me but cannot go through. I’m still tight I guess. His other fingers are playing with my clit.
“Shit.” My first moan. I feel his finger inside my pussy. OMG. He’s stroking it in and out of me while sucking my clit.
I can tell if he’s good since this is my first time. I can say it hurts. I’m biting my lips to stop me from moaning. They might hear me downstairs.
I heard my door opens, again. What?! 80 that’s it for the first guy? Fine, I’ll settle with the second guy whoever he is.
I waited there for like 10 minutes. What the fudge! Where is the second guy?
Then, the door opens and closes again. But I don’t feel anyone’s touching me. Is he just watching me?! “C’mon! Do your fucking job!” I uttered.
And I feel a wipe? He’s wiping my pussy. Oh, yeah because the first guy licked it already.
He spreads my legs more and eats my pussy. What the fudge! He’s better than the first guy. He’s tongue tries to go inside of my pussy while his finger is already inside me and going in and out.
His other hand cups my left mound. He’s caressing it carefully. I fIick when he’s trying to insert his second finger.
“Oh, no.” I cried in pain. He stopped. “No, no, please continue.” I beg.
And his fingers move again. Slowly. When I feel relax, he fingers me faster and suck my clit hard.
“Oh, fuck!” I cursed. “Shit, 0mg!”
I think I’m gonna pee. “OMG! I need to pee! Stop it!” He didn’t listen. He just continues what he’s doing. Fuck! I’m going crazy!
“Shit! I can feel it, my pee! Please!” And I release it. He just sips my pee.
“Why did you sip my juice?!” There’s no response from him.
I’m out of breath.
I feel his body on top of me. And he kissed me. He’s kissing me! And I can’t keep up. He’s so fast! He’s trying to invade my mouth. Oh fuck, his tongue is already inside me and plays my tongue.
He bit my lower lip. He’s a fucking kisser! His kisses went down to my neck, down to my boobs.
One hand is massaging my left mound. While his mouth sucks my right mound like there’s a milk that’s gonna come out my tits! “Fuck you!” I moaned.
I think he hates me saying it because he bit my tits. But it does not hurt, I feel pleasure instead.
Until he’s not on top of me. I think he kneels down my bed. He pull my body closer to him.
He plays his dick on my lines. Shit, I will be deflowered now! I hope it does not hurt!
He’s slowly pushing his dick inside me. “Fuck!” I cried in pain again.
But he didn’t stop. He continue to go in and out slowly in my pussy.
I feel his body again on top of me and He kissed me more so I could stop myself from moaning every time his dick moves inside of me.
After a while, I totally adjusted to his long and big shaft. He feel it, too, for he started to move in and out of me faster.
I don’t care anymore if they heard me. I just moan so loud. He’s pumping me so fast. He sucks my boobs again.
I don’t know what exactly I’m feeling. I feel pain in my pussy. I feel pleasure on my boobs.
“Hey! I think I’m gonna pee again! Oh, god!” He didn’t stop. I just feel my body shakes as I release it again.
His dick is just getting bigger and bigger inside me. He stops sucking my boobs. But his thumb plays my clit again.
“Oh, fuck! Why are you doing this to me!” I’m going crazy after this sex that’s for sure.
My legs try to close but his hand is just pushing my one leg down. He’s thrusting his dick in every comer of my pussy.
“Fuck, fuck!” I just keep on cursing.
He stops fucking me and sticks out his shaft. I hear him groan. And I feel a hot liquid on my tummy.
He stops moving. He’s breathless, too, just like me. He gets out of the bed and untied me. I’m not yet ready to see who he was. He just seated on the bed side.
I slowly remove my blindfold. My eyes adjusted to the lights before I can see clearly who he was.
“Uncle marcus?!!”

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